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          My family and i bought 12 acres of land to grow our own herbs and make natural self-care products. We grow our own lavender, peppermint and spearmint. We use hemp seed oil in most of our products (tHC and CBD free). We believe that wellness starts with what your put in and on your body. We create simple and effective essential oil Self-Care products for a healthy way of living. It is our goal to be transparent about the ingredients we put into our products. if you have any questions please ask. Our vision is to create the best essential oil self-care products while remaining true to promoting a healthy way of living.

         Courtney creates each of the essential oil blends from scratch thanks to her education from American College of Healthcare sciences. If you have any questions about the blends, please don't hesitate to ask. Our products do not treat, prevent, diagnose or cure. We encourage healthy lifestyles and a well-balanced life.

        We never test our products on animals. Only on our friends and family who volunteer! Our products are fragrance/parfume free, chemical free and made from raw materials without any unnecessary additives or preservatives. This is one of the reasons our products do not have a long shelf life (around 6 months).     

        Thank you for believing in us and our products.

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The Idea

          My love for using essential oils started when I was a child, trying to make my own perfume out of flower water. I decided to expand my love and go to school to get a certificate in Aromatherapy from ACHS.edu.

Mission Statement

                 Simple and effective essential oil self-care products for a healthy way of living.



100% Handmade

          Our line is made up of locally made ingredients as much as possible. Please check out the ingredients page to see where we buy our ingredients.

We test our products on friends and family, never on animals.

Our products are:

parabens free, nut free, non-petroleum, non-GMO, synthetic fragrance free, cruelty free, gluten free, BPA free (containers), THC and CBD free