Hand Soap (concentrated)


Hand Soap (concentrated)

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SHAKE then Pour 1/2 of the bottle into a foaming dispenser. Add water. Shake before each use.

Each bottle is 1 oz., the bottle in the set are 1/2 oz. each.

Adding essential oils to soap is a easy way of topically absorbing essential oils into the skin.

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This soap works best in a foaming soap dispenser.

Ingredients: Castle soap, hemp seed oil, essential oils.

Mood lifter: Promotes a positive mood.

Relax me: Promotes a calming mood.

Chamomile: Commonly known to help with inflammation in the body and promoting a calming mood.

Lavender: Promotes calming, relaxing mood.

Bergamot: Commonly known to promote positive mood and may help with anxiety.

The Set includes a 1/2 oz. Bottle of each of the 5 soaps and a Foaming Dispenser.